Katharin von Gavel

CEO and Founder

Katharin von Gavel is an entrepreneur and a recognized educator in the foot care industry. She has studied Dermatology and Paramedical Esthetics in Europe and received a degree in Chiropody. In addition, Katharin has a PhD in Natural Health Sciences, is a Doctor of Acupuncture, a Doctor of Natural Medicine and holds a BSc in Podology.

Dr von Gavel has been an educator in advanced foot care since 1982 and has been a featured platform speaker at industry meetings across North America. For over twenty-five years, Katharin owned and operated alternative health and esthetics clinics in Canada with a subspecialty in advanced foot care. She also developed proprietary protocols with the use of lasers and licensed clinics in Canada, South America and Europe.

As President and CEO of KvG Group Inc., Dr von Gavel developed Footlogix®, her own line of products for the feet. In this capacity, she also continues her passion for education, in the capacity of CEO with NASP.

Dr von Gavel’s objective is to improve the professionalism of the foot care industry. As a well-known platform speaker and author of articles for professional journals, her knowledge and expertise continue to enhance the development of professionals throughout North America.