Marion Smith-Olson


Marion has always had an innate knowing even at a very young age that helping people was what she wanted to do.

In 1984 she obtained her Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate and has worked for 16 years in the private and hospital care industry. She also has a Certificate as a Professional Personal Coach and worked in a private setting helping individuals work through many phases of their life. After her personal coaching Marion obtained her St. Kitts Practicum through the North American School of Podology. Marion is a Certified Podologist and owner of Sole Sifting Inc. where she works with people who require advanced foot care due to their medical condition(s).

Marion has been a yoga enthusiast for over 10 years and in 2013 obtained her Yoga Teacher Certification from the Yoga Studio College of Canada. As a Certified Podologist and a Certified Yoga Teacher, she knows and understands the importance of taking care of the feet. “In Yoga if we do not ground through the four points of our feet, our alignment can be off for the pose and eventually cause serious bodily discomfort.”

Marion strongly believes that education and yoga bring something different for each individual. Without a solid educational foundation we will lose our balance and do more harm than good.