Suzanne spent 30 years in the medical field where she was a recognized leader in Nursing Education. She has also been active in the field of Complimentary Medicine, receiving a Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine and a diploma in Homeopathy.

After taking early retirement from teaching nursing in order to spend more time promoting natural health, and having worked extensively with the elderly, Suzanne recognized the need for specialized foot care. She then became both a Certified Podologist and an Advanced Nursing Footcare Practitioner. In the fall of 2003, she joined the teaching staff of NASP, teaching the Advanced Pedicure and Infection Control classes, while also assisting with the further development of the NASP curriculum.

For three years Suzanne was Executive Director of the International Pedicure Association, a voluntary professional association dedicated to foot care and pedicures. This fit perfectly with her knowledge of foot care and NASP teaching experience.

Suzanne still utilizes her passion for education through teaching Infection Control and Workplace Safety classes online.