Yaelia “Yali” Millan is NASP’s bilingual (English and Spanish) educator.  After moving from Puerto Rico to follow her career in finances, she decided to go back to school and become a Nail Technician and Aesthetician.  During beauty school Yali was quickly dubbed the “Pedicure Queen” due to her passion for feet and taking on the most challenging pedicure clients.

Yali took her CMP certification with NASP in 2018 and ever since, her love and passion for foot care has grown and morphed. She has worked at senior’s communities, retirement homes and an independent salon, plus she has volunteered at women’s health clinics.   Yali currently owns Meliora Beauty Clinique in Vancouver, WA where she now focuses on advanced foot care pedicures and wellness pedicures. Her mission is not only to provide a relaxing space for her clients, but to offer a high-quality service including education on continual homecare.  Yali is making a great difference in her community.

Yali’s passion for educating others has led her to become a licensed instructor in the State of Washington.  Recognizing the need for higher education and the importance of mentoring, she works hard to bring high quality education to Spanish speaking professionals.  Yali is a CMP educator with NASP, hosts webinars in both English and Spanish and works at industry related tradeshows.  She loves using NanoFlex for toenail reconstruction and restoration and her favorite products are Footlogix’s DD Cream, Footlogix’s Toenail Tincture and Footlogix’s Seaweed Scrub.