203 – Advanced Skin and Nail Pathology, Diabetic Foot Syndrome

(3 days)

203 – Advanced Skin and Nail Pathology, Diabetic Foot Syndrome

(3 days)

With the rapidly aging population and an increasing number of diabetics, this intensive 3-day study on lower limb and foot disorders is a must for all pedicurists. Help your clients improve their overall foot and leg health by sharing information about daily foot inspections, as well as how to maintain proper foot hygiene.

What You’ll Learn

  • Detailed exploration of the circulatory system
  • Advanced skin and nail pathology
  • Focused examination of the lymph system
  • Why diabetic foot syndrome matters to pedicurists
  • Sensitivity testing of the foot
  • Compression taping demonstrations

Course Structure


Comprehensive 3-day Program

Includes theory and hands-on practicum

Qualified Educators

All sessions taught by experienced industry professionals

Detailed Program Workbook

An advanced workbook you can keep for future reference
Beautician salon, pedicure, cuticle removal procedure. Nail care treatment for female client in beauty shop, doctor in gloves works with customer toenails

Course Curriculum

Our Advanced Skin and Nail Pathology, Diabetic Foot Syndrome program covers the below topics:

  • Structure and function of the skin
  • Skin disorders of the lower extremities
  • Chemicals components and products used in foot care
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Lymphatic problems of the lower extremities
  • Vibratory and sensitivity testing
  • Common ingredients in foot care products


For over 30 years, the North American School of Podology has provided quality foot health education to thousands of pedicurists and other health professionals. Our hands-on approach to training ensures our students get the best learning experience possible, in a support, inclusive environment that focuses on your success.

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