All or Nothing

Jul 29, 2015 | blog, Uncategorized

All or Nothing Day

Today is all or nothing day and such a great topic for following NASP’s teachings as there are certain areas that really should be all or nothing.

One area I would like to specifically touch on is Infection Control. Do you realize that when it comes to Infection Control it is all or nothing? For example, if you skip a step or do not comply exactly as required on the product label you might as well do “nothing”. If you do not wash your implements before soaking, then rinse well and dry before soaking in your disinfectant for the required time, you might as well do “nothing”! Just because it looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it does not harbour microbes. All protocols must be followed to the letter when it comes to infection control or the client is put at risk for fungal, bacterial, or viral infections. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the grey areas of Infection Control or the best practices, but NASP can help you to understand these things! NASP has you covered with our 6 hour on-line Infection Control classes complete with step by step protocols and how to choose the right disinfectant according to implement classification.

Another all or nothing area is evaluating your client’s feet and consulting with your client before conducting a foot care service. Many technicians forget, or don’t want to take the time to ask the client pertinent questions about their feet or medical conditions that may affect their lower extremities. Diabetes, heart conditions, immune-compromised conditions can all lead to a breakdown in the lower extremities and increase the risk of infections. This “nothing” can lead to serious implications and cause serious infections potentially leading to amputation and possible death. Evaluations are an “all” in area when it comes to footcare. Using Footlogix’s consultation form or NASP’s case study form enables the practitioner to have a clear outline of what to look for and what questions to ask their clients. If you find soars, open wounds, or infections, we know this is a “nothing” situation and the client must be referred to a medical practitioner. However, if your client does not have any issues stopping you from performing a footcare service, you can go “all” in and make recommendations to maintain foot health at home, as well as in salon care. NASP teaches CMP’s how to conduct proper evaluations and consultations before performing services so they not only understand the “all or nothing” areas of this profession, but also what precautions to take and how to best modify their services according to the client’s constitution.

When it comes to footcare product s, NASP recommends using Footlogix as this is a line of products that can be used for “all”. Technicians can use the professional products in their services knowing it is safe for diabetics and immune-compromised clients. With the broad line-up of home care products there is something for everyone; from the driest to the most sensitive feet. This is an “all” in line and easy to recommend for the customer who does “nothing” in-between pedicures.

To learn more about NASP’s recommendations for “all or nothing” check out our classes on our website .

In honour of “All or Nothing Day”, please share some of your “all or nothing” experiences…

Vicki Malo MBA, BScPod
North American School of Podology