The Attitude of Gratitude

Aug 8, 2014 | blog, Uncategorized

As NASP branches out into more social media avenues, I have had the opportunity to read some of the posts and blogs of the people that NASP is associated with. A particular one that caught my interest this past week was the challenge to acknowledge what you are grateful for.  Two obvious points that stood out were health, and customer support of our businesses.  After having spent some time at the Cross Cancer Clinic, I can certainly relate to gratitude for health and wellness, and the fact that even though some of us have minor ailments, there are so many less fortunate with severe health problems.  My heart and thoughts go out to those who are struggling with their health.  I am certainly grateful for my health and the good health of family and friends.

The other point that I would like to expand on is gratitude towards customers, and customer support.  Most of us have to work hard to build businesses and create a strong clientele with a loyal following.  Our customer service must always reflect our gratitude towards our customers, regardless of how long they have been supporting us.  Some salon/spa business experts recommend sending out personal hand written notes to customers, acknowledging special milestones, or throwing customer appreciation events to show our gratitude and appreciation towards those who support us and help to make us the successes that we are today.  Others might say that communication, listening to your customers’ needs, and addressing their concerns are the primary ways to demonstrate our gratitude.  Another idea: what about anticipating their needs before they expound on their problems? We can focus on building strong relationships with our clients through education on their own foot issues.  Someone I highly recommend for information on customer service in the spa industry is Leslie Lyon.  Check out Leslie’s blogs on customer service here at Spas2b: Customer Services to read what this industry expert has to say about customer service!

Customer service certainly goes a long way today, but sometimes we need to add to these services to remain fresh or gain advantage over our competitors.  Knowing how to address our customers foot care needs is an intricate part of our businesses and ads to existing customer service.  Our relationships with our customers are based on trust.  This trust is built on what recommendations we give our clients to help them address their footcare ailments.  Technicians today, more so than ever before, must know more than their customers, must continually educate themselves, and be able to offer new and unique services to their clients.  I am not talking specifically about adding in another signature pedicure service or nail enhancement-although these are good, I am talking about knowing why the customers great toe nail always hurts, or why they always get an uncomfortable callus under the head of their metatarsals.  Offering services like the BS Brace for painful toenails or supports for dropped metatarsal heads goes a long way today in gaining trust and loyalty with your customers.  NASP is your provider for advanced education, and our curriculum will enable you to help your customers with these issues.

Am I grateful for my customers and clients? Absolutely. That is why, as one of the leaders at NASP, is it my personal mission to ensure that our classes teach leading edge, quality education to help technicians succeed in the foot care business today (Educate-Differentiate-Elevate!).  It is also why I rely on industry experts such as Leslie Lyon or Katharin von Gavel to help keep me educated on the latest in footcare and the beauty industry.

I leave you with these two questions today: What are you grateful for? What has helped contribute to your successes?