Education Awareness Month

Aug 10, 2015 | blog, Uncategorized

Education Awareness Month

Technicians often ask me why they should take advanced pedicure classes, what they can gain from taking NASP classes and how our classes compare to others. NASP has dedicated August to advanced education and the ROI for technicians, salons/spas, and owners. NASP has a contest asking our students to send in a video clip of how taking NASP classes has contributed to their businesses for the chance to win a $300 class scholarship!

We all start out taking classes to learn the pedicure basics. Some schools teach advanced programs while others just touch on feet. Regardless of what you learn in school, continuing education is imperative. However, sometimes continuing education is not enough and technicians require advanced education. So what’s the difference?
Continuing education is keeping up with new developments in the industry, new products, trends and fads. Tradeshows and distributor classes are an excellent way to keep up with ever-changing trends and new products.

Advanced education means being ahead in development, knowledge and process; going beyond the basics. Classes that teach both theory and hands on practical beyond initial training; NASP curriculum is considered advanced education.

Continuing education keeps technicians in touch with trends in the industry, whereas advanced education teaches a series of advanced techniques and treatments. Both are imperative in the fast paced salon/spa industry especially as we see an increased number of diabetics and seniors seeking pedicure services.

Benefits of NASP Advanced Pedicure training:
• Quality Improvement: New techniques, quality implements and electric files with specialty bits enables the technician to streamline their service, reducing time and increasing quality.
• Evidence Based Practice: Conduct a thorough evaluation and client consultation to determine the best and safest course of action.
• Health and Safety: Understand common skin and nail disorders and what recommendations to make. Practice the three R’s: recognize recommend, refer.
• Critical Thinking: Plan the best course of action based on consultation and findings. Evaluate services that give a higher ROI along with providing services that revolve around the client’s needs. Increase revenue through specialty services.

Personal Achievements:
• Increased confidence: Advanced education allows technicians to be confident in performing a safe pedicure with knowledge on the proper use of implements, bits, and electric files.
• Personal pride: have a sense of accomplishment on completed the classes, taking pedicures to the next level and establishing achievable goals.
• Increased job opportunities: Earn the designation of CMP®, C.Pod (I)™ and BScPod enables technicians to work with seniors, diabetics, and medical professionals. This sets you apart from the average nail technician!

Stay tuned for our upcoming ROI blogs!

If you would like to learn more about the NASP Advanced Pedicure curriculum visit our website www.northamericanschoolofpodology.local or email
If you would like a foot care service by a CMP, CPod, or BScPod, check out our CMP finder page http://northamericanschoolofpodology.local/cmpfinder/

Vicki Malo MBA, BScPod
North American School of Podology