Holistic Benefits of Retreats

Apr 1, 2016 | blog, Uncategorized


Easter is about renewal, rebirth, starting again, ending and beginning.  A great way to renew or start fresh is spending time at a wellness retreat where one can re-establish healthy habits, refresh and feel renewed after a few days. It’s an opportunity to energize and be ready to face the spring and all the splendour this fabulous season offers.

I was fortunate enough to spend Easter weekend at Grail Springs, a beautiful holistic retreat. This resort resonates with me not only for its spa qualities, gourmet healthy meals, and pleasant staff, but also for its spiritual and energy qualities. Add the picturesque setting of the resort and the tranquil moments of being one with nature and you have the perfect environment to recharge your battery. The beauty of this kind of getaway is that you can do as much or as little as you want, take advantage of spa services and massages or just sit quietly in one of the steam rooms or mineral baths.

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While relaxing and rebooting my system, I had some time to focus my attention on the here and now, forgetting the past and the future and just being in the present, enjoying the weekend and the company.  With my main focus on recharging, I spent time getting spa services, meditating, yoga, and nature walks (which included snow-shoeing).   My big take-away was simply this –  if I catch myself over analyzing, complaining, feeling stressed or “frazzled” I will become aware, shift perspective and focus on the now, breathe,  enjoy, find the beauty.

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What does all this have to do with feet?  In order to do what you need to do, whether foot-related, education-related, or business-related, one must feel rejuvenated and refreshed, especially before the spring and summer pedicure season.  Not only that, but it also reinforces the necessity to ignore or block negative energies that some clients may carry. If you are not careful, some of this energy is transferred to you.  As technicians, you are caregivers and you give tremendous energy through your services and sometimes overlook the consequences to yourself. You can feel drained, listless and out of balance.


It’s important to take some time for yourself. Look after yourself and let spring be a reminder of the importance of rejuvenating your heart, mind and body. The time you invest in yourself is priceless and will pave the way to a rewarding future.

What are you doing this spring to reward yourself?