Recognize – Recommend – Refer

Jun 28, 2016 | blog, Uncategorized

Recognize – Recommend – Refer

We are all familiar with those words and recognize them as being the mantra of the North American School of Podology. These words not only clearly define NASP graduates scope of practice but distinguish your advanced training and elevate your pedicure services in the salon industry. Let’s take a moment and apply them to the daily salon routines and how they differentiate your protocols. Recognize –  We are all licensed by a governing board and have mandated licensing requirements. In the U.S. nail technicians are licensed under the Cosmetology Boards of their respective state. That being said, as a nail technician you can only COSMETICALLY improve certain nail issues. If it is not cosmetic, then it is a medical condition.

This is where RECOGNIZING nail and skin issues is imperative. Advanced education is invaluable to you and your clients as you can confidently identify between cosmetic or medical.


Recommend – Be that expert in the foot and nail world! Clients will hang on every word and will appreciate all the advanced knowledge you share. Guide and discuss with them, proper footwear, home maintenance, foot and leg exercises, how often pedicures services are advised.


Refer – Develop a working relationship with a podiatrist or foot care physician.


Never- Never- Never- Should a client receive services if skin or nail is infected, inflamed, have an open wound, have drainage, present with a rash or swelling. Refer immediately. Medical intervention is required and beyond cosmetic improvements. By consistently adhering to NASP advanced standards, your education has prepared you to elevate your foot care services beyond providing a manicure for the feet.