NASP 12 Piece Bit Starter Kit

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Introducing the NASP 12 Piece Bit Starter Kit from Busch.  This set contains everything you will need.  The bits come in a Steri-Safe Pro Bit Holder which alone retails for $60.00.  You will get the best of the best.  Order now and get this fabulous new set which retails individually for almost $500.00.

Contains:  Medium Hybrid Twister (NSP-HT880 115); Coarse Diamond Fissure Cone (NSP-6894 063); Steel Cutt Bud (85RS 050); Medium Diamond Nail Reducer (NSP-854KR 040); Medium White Ceramic Speed Cutter (NSP-K429GQSR 040); Round Gold Corn Removal (NSP-1SXM 016); Ingrown Nail Bit (NSP-39RS 009); Coarse Diamond Nail Shaper (NSP-840T 050); Fine Diamond Nail Shaper (NSP-8840KR 055); Fine Diamond Nail Plate (NSP-8840S 055); Ony-Clean Cuticle Cleaner (NSP-407RS 012); Medium Diamond Fine Nail Groove (NSP-8850 023); Steri-Safe Pro Bit Holder (NSP-5772).


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